About Allen

Allen Chaffin was born in the Bitterroot Valley in 1918 and made his first elk hunting trip into the South Fork of the Flathead River (now part of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area) with his parents in 1928, and continued to hunt until he was nearly eighty.

After Mildred's husband Alfred Morkert was killed in an accident on the railroad, Mildred recieved a settlement which she used to purchase five acres and hired some carpenters to build a house. As she recounts:

I had known Allen Chaffin and his family for at least half of his life. He worked on my house with the other carpenters and I guess he felt sorry for me and my brood. He tried to help me and I suspect that I leaned on him. He liked the kids and we went from there. In 1937 we were married and since there still wasn't much work or money in the country hard times kept a'knockin' at our door.

Allen and Mildred opened the Bar UC outfitting business in 1945 which they operated commercially for 22 years and informally for many years beyond. The camp was set up at the familiar location in the heart of the South Fork of the Flathead River on Otter Creek. During the non-hunting portion of the year Allen drove school buses, packed mules and horses and operated the road grader for the Forest Service.

Allen also called square dances, and was the volunteer manager of the Seeley Lake Community Center from 1985 to 1997.