Kitchen Bouquet
"Do Aheads”

To help the working mom - or when company drops in.

Pie crusts, baked, slipped into a plastic bag—pan and all—will keep in the top of your cupboard for weeks and can be filled in minutes with instant pudding mix. Use two pkgs. of instant pudding mix, but only three c. of cold milk. Beat well, then stir in 1 c. Cool Whip. Chill. Cover with whipped topping. May garnish with chocolate shavings, flaked cocoanut, etc.

Keep raisins ground with grated orange peel in the fridge for stirring up cookie dough. And keep cookie dough in the freezer to bake in a hurry as needed. Keep a clean spray bottle handy to give a quick spritzing to a pan of cookies before sprinkling with sugar to bake. The same spray bottle will be handy when ironing or to dampen your hair.

Frozen meat balls, thawed in the microwave make a quick dish with sweet and sour sauce, mushroom soup for gravy, your own spaghetti or spanish rice, or chili, etc.

Cook potatoes for several meals; mashed, they reheat with dots of butter or margarine in the microwave, baked, they make wonderful hashbrowns—one mess to clean.

Dry stale bread, leftover toast, rolls, etc.

Roll with a rolling pin and store in a tight jar for casserole topping, breading, or use in meat patties.