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Fricassee Of Venison

Back in the days before freezers we hung our venison in Mother Nature’s cooler and whittled on it ‘til only the bare bones were left. We used all the small pieces and cooked it thusly:

Meat to serve approx. four people.
Slice or pound thin
Cut up 1/2 of a medium onion and fry in lightly greased pan. Saute ‘til tender stirring in a little water, Remove onion to a bowl.

Flour meat and add enough fat to the pan to brown well on both sides.

Add onion to browned meat and salt lightly.

Pour over all: 2 1/2 c very hot water. Cover and allow to simmer while you shake up 1 rounded Tbsp. flour in 1/2 C cold water. Stir a little of the hot broth into the flour mixture and add gradually to the meat pan stirring thickening in as it cooks.

Taste gravy for seasoning. Good with mashed potatoes or biscuits.