Cooking for Daily Living
About Cookies

A year is supposedly made up of four seasons, but Granny maintained there was one more. She called it “mope time.” It settled in right after the holidays or any period of joyful activity. it weighed heavily when the snow lay deep and forbidding, or when summer’s blistering heat moved in. It could reach out with one hand and plunk the whole family down with a thump (we’ve all known it). . . and the surest cure is a quick pick-me-up.

Big lifts often come from a small source, so like Granny, you might crawl out of your doldrums and stir up a batch of cookies or bars. Then run a comb through your hair, put a cheery cloth on the table, and meet your evening-comers with a treat. Hot chocolate in your fragrant kitchen is great for a cold day—a frosty pitcher when the sun gets out of hand. For, despite Women’s Lib, it is still Mom or Grandma, or maybe an Auntie who sets the mood in her home.

A little planning can save a heap of time. . .scald raisins, rinse with cold water and grind. Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator for sudden-decision baking. May add lemon or orange rind, when grinding, if you like the flavor.