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Deviled Eggs in Pickled Beet Juice

A jar of beet pickle vinegar could put a gleam in a good cook's eye. Why? Peel three or four hard cooked eggs and drop them in the red vinegar to season for a few hours. When the desired shade of pink is reached remove the eggs, cut in half, and spoon out the yellow centers. Mash these yolks, add a little mayonnaise, dash of prepared mustard, a spoonful of relish, if you like, and pile the mixture back into the colored egg whites.
Arranged on a platter of lettuce leaves, alternately with white deviled eggs around a center platter of cold cuts, you have a main dish for a picnic or party, or maybe Sunday night supper.
Slices of stuffed olive, tiny sweet pickle, pimento or just plain paprika add a finishing touch. Makes a pretty addition at any table.