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Potato Pointers and Helpful Hints

The argument for and against the potato goes on and on, but Ireland's (long since) potato famine, when many of her people became ill and died of scurvy, is proof that the lowly spud has a lot more going for it than starch. Although we have foods that Ireland didn't have to replace the vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, etc., Mr. Potato still adds much to the active person's diet, not to mention the cost. His reputation has been damaged by the company he is forced to keep. I'm pro-potato myself, but if you worry about calories, just don't ask him to the table along with noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, rice and heavy desserts. He is compatible with meat and most meat dishes and will perform according to how much you butter him up.

Everyone knows about baked, boiled, mashed and stir fried potatoes, but it is a real time and energy saver to cook enough for two or more meals and have only one mess to clean up, not to mention the busy day or company dinner feature. If salt is allowed, boil potatoes in water with salt to taste.

Scrub baking potatoes for several meals and keep in a plastic bag. When needed, boil 10-15 minutes, drain and pop into a 450° oven. Cuts baking almost in half and eliminates the need for wrapping in foil or messy greasing that results in smoking up the kitchen.

To cut electrical costs and save energy make a baked dinner while using your oven for potatoes.

Roll potato chip "crumbs" fine and mix with bread or cracker crumbs for breading.