Cooking for Daily Living
Soups, Salads and Dressings
Salad Certainties

 Salads . . . Light and airy or firm and filling. What other concoctions is better suited to the needs of the inner man? Busy day salads require only a "greenery", a contrasting slice of something or other, and a dash of flavorful dressing. And then there are the elaborate party affairs. Granny didn't know them by their present names, but you can bet she mixed them by the peck. Hired hand threshing crews, family or kinfolk; they all got their quota of sunshine fresh from her garden or the cellar shelves. Today the makings are almost endless, and even a moppet can arrange a salad plate with a little supervision. Molded salads are "do aheads" with eye appeal and meal appeal. They are among the homemakers' better friends. Some can go into the refrigerator in the bowl they were mixed in, and are often the means of stretching a scarce item so that everyone gets a share.