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Service Berry Or Western Thornberry (Thorn Apple) Butter

Service berries, I am told, are called June berries in the midwest—saskatoons in Canada.

Here in the west the thornberry is one of the most plentiful and probably the most overlooked source of what Granny called a “spread.” They are, admittedly, not very palatable straight from the bush, but the cooking and jamming process releases their hidden goodness.

A blender is a great help in making these jams. Whirl the slightly cooked, still warm berries a few seconds and they will go through the sieve much easier.

Use a large kettle
7 c. berry pulp
7 c. Sugar
1/2 c. lemon Juice
2 pkgs. powdered pectin
1 (small) pkg. mixed fruits or raspberry gelatine

Stir pectin into berry pulp and heat to a good boil. Add lemon juice and sugar and bring to boil. When mixture begins to sheet from spoon, remove from heat and stir in gelatine. Stir and cool a few minutes, and dip into hot, sterilized jelly jars. Seal with paraffin.

Both the service berry and thornberry butters may be made with one part apple juice to two part berry pulp, in which case you will not need gelatine, unless desired.