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Winter Squash

If ripe you will be scarcely able to cut into the rind with your thumbnail. This is a good squash for baking in the shell. Baking time 1 1/2—2 hours depending on thickness. Cut in 3 inch squares and bake, meaty side up on  baking sheet. When fork tender open top "skin"and insert a piece of butter or margarine, and if desired, a little brown sugar. Eat from shell.


Lay squares, yellow side down on baking pan with a layer of melted butter or margarine and a generous sprinkling of brown sugar. Bake at 350-375°F 'til fork tender and syrup is absorbed. May need to add spoonfuls of water at times 'til done. Remove to platter and dust with cinnamon. Serve in the shell.

If squash is not hard to the thumbnail test cut in two inch squares and peel. Bake in heavy covered pan 'til done. May be necessary to drain off juice that cooks out. The squash can then be mashed with butter and a little brown sugar. Or candy the pieces in a frying pan turning over to coat with a mixture of brown sugar and butter, and a drizzling of table syrup.