Cooking for Daily Living
Icings, Glazes and Candies

Our Lord created us with a sweet tooth,and while most of us will admit to overworking the appendage, it brings out one of our better traits—that of sharing.

Sweet treats are time-honored tokens of esteem, whether originating from sugar cane, blubber or pounded roots, depending upon that part of the world to which we are native. This seems reason enough for the extensive use of cakes and candies at special celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, holidays and anniversaries. Such cakes require icings. The world is teeming with recipes for them and the homemaker studies each one for "something new under the sun" —before she pitches it out! Most cakes look and taste scrumptious with the Double Treat Frosting, heading the list in this department…and remember, sweet treats go over big for gift giving and at holiday bazaars.