Cooking for Daily Living
Meats 'N Such

I'm not going to tell you how to butcher a chicken or barbecue a quarter of beef. I'm concentrating on folks who get only a glimpse of their food dollars in flight and may be singing those "End of the Month, What Happened to My Paycheck Blues." For "meat dishes" can be great. They can provide nutrition and variety enough to keep life and the cook-from going sour.

Granny wore two hats to the butcher shop. If she found something desirable in the better cuts, she planned so there'd be some left for a second meal, be it destined to end with a Spanish, Chinese or a witch doctor flair. If you have access to wild meat you're lucky. We, the American people are slowly becoming educated—and reconciled to the leaner types of meat which are specified requirements in the modified diet. There are practically no fat cheeses too, and if your first findings tend to remind the dieter in your home of chewing on an old inner tube, console yourself -  it's all for health's sake.

For health’s sake look for recipes that can be made with less sugar, polyunsaturated shortening, fewer egg yolks and consequently, fewer calories and less cholesterol. But if your family has no such problems, you can save grocery money by utilizing such flavorful items as meat fryings (drippings) sausage and bacon grease for frying delicious chicken, browning meat balls, chicken fried steak, etc. Rendered turkey and chicken fat,and even goose grease mix well with other shortenings for making cookies, bread and rolls.

Have meat with gravy and vegetables hot in the oven. Split biscuits and dip browned side in melted buffer or margarine. Arrange with buttered sides up on top of hot mixtures.