Website help
This page contains general help information relevant to the website. If you have a question or problem about a specific page that is not addressed here, please use the 'Contact Info' link on the left hand menu.

Getting around the website
The main pages of the website have the menu on the left side. Hover over the desired item and either click on it or move to a secondary item under that heading. The book pages have a drop down menu at the top with the chapter and title. This leaves as much of the page as possible for the actual stories.

Browser support
We have made every effort to make this site usable for as many different web browsers as possible. Older browsers are not able to take advantage of current technology, and so the site may not look as nice as it does in newer browsers, although all the information should be accessible. The Site Index page has direct links to everything on the site. You really should update your browser to the latest version - not only for this site, but to enhance your use of the web in general. Latest versions of commonly used browsers may be downloaded at no charge from many web locations.

You should be able to easily adjust the text size by accessing that feature on your browser. Many browsers use + and - to increase or decrease text size.

The Search page should allow you to find just about anything on the site. At presant it's limited to just the books. Type in a keyword or two and click the search button.

Contacting us
The Contact Info page has ways for you to contact people involved with the website. There is an online form which should get any questions answered via email.

Printing from this website
All pages should be printable with most browsers. Please respect all copyrights. Most browsers havea shrink to fit option which my help adjust the page for your printer.

Experiencing problems?
Please use the Contact Info link on the left to let us know if you are experiencing any problems, or to report a broken link.