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A Recipe in Demand at Garnet in Gold Mining Days

A recipe written in 1918 by Mildred’s uncle Charlie Palmer, brother of her father, John Palmer. Published in the November-December 1996 issue of The Montana Journal.

Put six ounces of loose hops into a cotton cloth bag. Boil 45 minutes in 6 gallons of water. Take out hops and add 63 gallons of hot water (oops—must be a mistake—it makes five gallons of brew), 2 quarts of malt extract syrup, 4 pounds of sugar, and boil all together 20 minutes. Strain. Put in one ounce of ground gelatin and stir a little. When lukewarm, add two cakes of yeast dissolved in a cup of warm water.

Set aside in open vessel 48 to 72 hours and skim frequently until done working. Then siphon into bottles, add ½ teaspoon of sugar. Let stand at least 8 days. Don’t use tin or pewter vessel. Cork tight.

Ingredients: Baker’s syrup, hops to make five gallons: $1.25.