My Forty Years Scribblin's
Personal Memories
And Then It Rained!

This piece was written in 1996 and published that year in The Charity Peak Outlook. The Evaro school kids manage a spring walk in between showers.

I don't know how today's kids can be so lucky… nature walks, picnics, field trips, history hikes… whenever our teacher planned such an outing it rained. Then one half-bright Friday our current teacher said, "If we get our work done and it doesn't rain we'll go for a walk this afternoon."

Then she added dreamily, "Maybe we'll see some trilliums (often called wake-robins) or some frogs, or maybe even a blue bird!"

We could hardly stay in our skins. With this kind of incentive our lessons got done in jig time and at mid-afternoon we started up Little O'Keefe creek—Teacher and all ten or twelve of us kidlets.

"Be sure to tell your mothers to look you over for wood ticks," Teacher said. After a long Evaro winter we were like a bunch of colts turned into pasture. Shortly after crossing the little bridge at the forks of the narrow buggy road I stopped to look around me. Anchored on the slippery bank above the road was a mud ball half again as big as a basket ball and sticking out of it in every direction were the heads and little beady eyes of many water snakes. Reptiles are not my favorite subject but the sight of them is still a vivid memory.

We explored among the willows of the creek bottom but the wake-robins hadn't "waked" and the frogs apparently hadn't left their winter beds, wherever that was. No blue birds were in sight and I guess it was too chilly for wood ticks. The time passed all too swiftly. "We'd better hurry," Teacher said, "It'll soon be four o'clock." And before we got back to the school house, it rained!