My Forty Years Scribblin's
Chaffin Celebrated 90th

By Suzanne Vernon for the Seeley Swan Pathfinder Thursday, September 10, 1998

Longtime Seeley Lake resident and writer, Mildred Chaffin, celebrated her 90th birthday last spring with a party at the Community Hall and a new book — a collection of stories gathered from throughout her career.

My Forty Years Scribblin's contains "A lot of years and a full measure of memories," according to its subtitle. The book is available locally at the Stage Station and at Books, Yarn and More, or directly from the author.

Chaffin, whose specialty is historic non-fiction, is a regular contributor to several regional publications, including Bugle magazine, published by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

She has also published several of her own books, including a popular cookbook and her autobiography.

At ninety, Chaffin is a grandmother and great-grandmother several times over. She said recently, "Don't ask me how many grandkids and great grandkids I have, 'cuz I'd have to take off my shoes and count...!"

Four of her many great-great grandchildren also attended her 90th birthday party—Zachary, Eric and Tyler Krantz, and baby Ethayn Kinney. The baby, who was five-days old at the party, "slept through it all," Mildred said.

Chaffin laughs about her age and the notoriety that being a ninety-year old author has brought her. "Up until you're 80 you try to hide it. After that you brag about it," she said. Keeping active has helped her maintain a positive outlook on life.

"You just have to keep going," she said. "My neighbor told me once if you stop, you gel. So, I don't stop or I'll gel," she laughed.