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Doctoring Babies for Colds

This recipe was written in 1996 and published in the November-December 1996 issue of The Montana Journal. A remedy made in the kitchen.

Slice a large onion into an enamel bowl or other non-tarnishable dish. Sprinkle among the slices two full tablespoons of sugar. Set bowl on the back of a wood stove where it will be warm but not hot. Let the sugar draw the juice out of the onion.

If the child has a chest cold, fry the slices of one large onion in one tablespoon of lard until the onion is soft. Cool to a temperature that is comfortable when you put your elbow into it. If it is too hot for you elbow, it is too hot for the baby’s skin. Put the warm onion between two pieces of thin cloth and lay it on the bare chest. Cover the patient with a warm blanket to keep in the heat. Leave on several hours or overnight. Meanwhile give the patient sips of onion syrup for cough.

The little devils love it!!