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Historical Accounts
Felicity Antoine Matt Clark

This was written in 1961 or ’62 and published in Montana’s Little Legends (1963) as a brief portrait of a Blackfeet woman.

Mrs. Felicity Clark, former wife of Cliff Clark, who now lives at Hamilton, was a very well-known Indian woman. Mr. Clark relates that she was held in high regard. He was told by his former wife that she was born Felicity Antoine, at Stevensville.

She was a small girl when, after Chief Charlot's exit from the Bitterroot Valley [1891], her father loaded their buggy with the family's belongings, and the women and children walked with packs on their backs out of the valley. The soldiers from Fort Missoula, under orders, drove some of the remaining Flathead people out of the Bitterroot Valley at bayonet point.

Felicity Antoine's mother had told her of passing by the Big Hole battle ground and nearly a week after the battle was fought [1877] some of the bodies were not yet buried.

Felicity was first married to John Matt, who was killed by lightning near Arlee. As Mrs. John (Johnny) Matt, she took part in many rodeo trips to all parts of the country with the Scott and Lane Shows. Mrs. Matt acted as interpreter and led the women's division of the parades in California, Calgary, Pendleton and Madison Square Garden. Mrs. Matt did outstanding bead work for costumes for both men and women, and also for horse trappings. Some of it was done on white buckskin.

Felicity Clark passed away years ago at Arlee.