My Forty Years Scribblin's
Greetings from the Hectic House

This is the Chaffin’s 1997 Christmas letter.

Last year's record snow-fall melted about on schedule—water was high but not dangerous. In March my daughter-in-law, Caroline, passed away. The funeral was held at the Veterans cemetery at Helena, where my son was buried a year earlier.

Time passes: April brought Allen his annual pasture fence repair along with a logging job to clear up a blowdown from last December. Then followed a three weeks stint of volunteer work at the new cemetery, all with a continuation of last year's carpal tunnel syndrome. Lacking anything more fun to do he had the hand operated on along with cataract surgery, giving him an enforced vacation.

We planned to do a lot of things—ended up making a trip to Corvallis where Madge Buck gave us a tour of the land where the Chaffin families settled in the "early days''.

Allen managed his "one more trip" to the hills (Sept.) came home and built a porch across the front of the house. Had it 99% finished with the help of nephew, Dick Thompson, and a friend, Jan Guelff, when he had to give up and have coronary by-pass surgery, Nov. 7. Son, Allen Ray came from Alaska, for two weeks through his dad's early recovery.

ME? I just turned a year older. Didn't suffer much on account of it but the flower beds did. Managed to take care of the berry patches until the yellow jackets took over the harvest. I did manage to scribble off a few stories—sold some and gave some away.

Now I can see that it will be next to impossible in the time left to shop, prepare, wrap and mail packages, my "go-fer" being out of commission for the winter. So this will have to be Christmas. Yes, I hate myself for it but you go ahead and have a nice holiday season anyhow.

Our love and best wishes to all,

(signed) Mildred and Allen Chaffin - 1997

Mildred Chaffin in Seeley Lake, Montana around 2000.Allen Chaffin in Seeley Lake, Montana around 2000.