My Forty Years Scribblin's
Historical Accounts
How I Came to Play the Fiddle

From Once Upon a (Life)time (1990)

Then a neighbor, a young man, thought I should learn to play the fiddle. I had perfect timing and could sing or whistle any tune I ever heard. He loaned me his violin. The family suffered, the dogs went under the house and howled, and I fiddled away until I managed to saw out a fairly decent tune.


Written for this book in 1998.

In my younger days we didn't have boyfriends, we had a "feller" or more delicately speaking, a "beau." One of these, thinking he could make a fiddler out of me, left his violin for me to practice on. I must have really rattled the rafters; whenever I began to draw the bow across those strings the dogs crawled under the front porch and howled!