Once Upon a (Life)time

Once Upon a (Life)time: Stories About Western Montana 1908-1960, 1990, Vernon Printing and Publishing, Seeley Lake, MT. ISBN 0-9620902-6-3.

Once Upon A LifetimeMildred Chaffin's life story, illustrated by her son, Stanely Morkert.

The younger generation cannot picture life as it was lived in the horse and buggy days. They were not around for homesteading, Model T Fords, the 1918 flu epidemic, World War I nor four-mile-walks to school. They are too young to remember the Great Depression, life without telephones, electricity, radio and television...consequently, at the urging of family and friends, I have tried to present a word picture of the way we worked, the way we played and our sense of propriety in a world before their time...
—Mildred Chaffin

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