The Person

As a forester, author, explorer and leader in the protection of wild lands throughout America, Bob Marshall spent days, weeks and months hiking the wild, unmapped area between Glacier Park and the Swan and Seeley valleys known as the South Fork of the Flathead River. His determination to have primitive areas all across America preserved through a federal designation was due in large part to his love for the South Fork , and by the late 1930s he had outlined plans for three areas: South Fork, Sun River and Pentagon.

In 1940, shortly after his premature death, 950,000 acres of primitive lands were designated as wilderness, all surrounding the South Fork of the Flathead, the Sun River Game Preserve, and the Continental Divide. The Wilderness Act of 1964 provided statutory protection, and today more than 750,000 roadless areas still surround the Bob Marshall Wilderness areas.

Today, Bob Marshall is also looked upon as the moving force behind the creation of the Wilderness Society, which still leads the fight for continued protection of our Wilderness areas.